About NGC Testing Services

NGC Testing Services features one of North America's most comprehensive and unique fully accredited, independent testing facilities. Full-scale fire, acoustical, analytical, and structural testing is performed at a single location.


About Us

For more than 55 years, NGC Testing Services has provided the most efficient and cost-effective solution for full-scale fire, acoustical, structural/physical, and analytical testing, all housed in one fully accredited facility.

All of our tests are done in compliance with established test standards and will allow you to get even the most unique materials fully certified. From acoustical testing of floor coverings to fire testing of mass transit cars from a global clientele, the NGC Testing Services facility was built to handle testing both big and small. 


Fully Accredited
Testing Facilities

  • Full-scale, floor-ceiling, and wall furnaces with multiple movable test frames
  • Nine, fully isolated independent acoustical chambers, built on springs
  • Fenestration and structural frames for walls, doors, windows, and roofs
  • High-capacity overhead cranes to accommodate any type or size material
  • Large access openings and large open areas, allowing for freestanding, large-scale tests
  • Our laboratory provides test programs, from the developmental stage through the certification process, conducted in accordance with standards developed by ASTM, ULC, NFPA, UL, FM, ICC, ISO, AAMA, ANSI, and SAE.


NGC Testing Services employs a variety of professionals in construction, engineering, and science-related fields. Be part of a team that tests and certifies new and existing construction products and systems for a worldwide clientele. 


How Can We Help?

Have a question about our testing services or facilities? Interested in a consultation? Our team of testing experts looks forward to your message.