Additional Testing

NGC Testing Services offers a complete and extensive range of testing services, including customized programs, designed to meet your specific needs.

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Testing Services

  • Various physical testing services.
  • Development of customized test programs to evaluate materials and products.
  • Assistance in overall project by providing precision construction of test specimens by qualified and experienced technicians, and materials acquisition services.
  • Capabilities for large material handling and test speciman storage facilities.
  • Instron Universal Testing - Compression, tensile and flexure strength testing. 60,000 lb capacity.
  • Large Environmental Rooms - Controlled temperature/humidity. 90° F/90° R.H. 70° F/50° R.H.
  • Large-scale ovens.

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Additional Testing Services

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Acoustical Testing

Full scale, fully-isolated independent test chambers for acoustical testing of various building materials and assemblies.

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Analytical Testing

Analytical testing in support of physical property testing of building materials and construction products for the built environment.

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Fire Testing

Large and small-scale fire testing of building materials and assemblies. Compliant with appropriate ASTM, UL, NFPA or UBC Standards.

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Structural Testing

Full scale shear, racking, weather, wind-load, and fenestration testing of building materials and exterior assemblies.


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