A Truly Global Enterprise

September 6, 2021   -  

NGC Testing Services' facility has tested countless products from around the world. Here is a selection of items from countries outside the U.S. and Canada that we have tested:


  • Transit cars from Switzerland, Japan, Spain, Sri Lanka
  • Building materials from Germany, Austria, Vietnam, Spain, Honduras, Columbia, Greenland, Netherlands, Israel,
  • Jordan, Belgium, Taiwan, Singapore, Mexico, France
  • Wall panels from England, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico
  • Concrete slabs from Norway
  • Doors from Bahrain
  • Airport jetways from Indonesia
  • Fire barrier systems from South Korea
  • Gun safes from China
  • Office screens from Sweden


  • Concrete highway sound barriers from the Caribbean
  • Doors from - United Arab Emanates
  • Diffusers from United Arab Emanates
  • Ceiling tiles from Germany, Poland, Mexico
  • Flooring - from China, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Latvia

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