Meet Anthony Rivers, Test Technician

September 6, 2021   -  

Analyzing and evaluating acoustical test data requires a keen, finite sense of hearing. And that’s just what Anthony Rivers, Test Technician in our acoustical lab, has developed under the guidance of senior acoustical test engineer Andy Heuer.

15 Years of Experience


Anthony has 15 years of experience in testing, including three years managing another lab prior to joining NGC more than three years ago. He has become a valuable member of the NGC team and quickly demonstrated his abilities in acoustics and to accurately conduct, record, and report test results. Our clients find Anthony a pleasure to work with and appreciate his knowledge, attention to detail, and accuracy.

Anthony is an islander. Before you picture him in a Hawaiian shirt sitting under palm trees with a tall fruity drink in hand - he lives on Grand Island, which is what you cross and where you pay your tolls on the way to Niagara Falls. Unless he acquires a boat, he has the luxury of a great view of the Niagara River as he crosses the Grand Island bridges each day to and from work, along with the adventure that navigating these bridges provides.

Along with acoustics, Anthony’s interests include his family and baseball (perhaps this was unavoidable since Andy has a Yankee shrine in the adjacent office).

Interested in Discussing Acoustics?

Feel free to contact Anthony at 716-873-9750 ext. 352, or e-mail him at to discuss your next acoustical testing project. He will also be happy to tell you about all his island adventures.


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