September 3, 2021   -  

The 2019 edition of NFPA 285 includes many substantial changes from the previous (2012) edition. The scope was expanded to apply to buildings of any construction type. The document was revised to include both bearing and non-loadbearing assemblies. In addition, new sections were added to Chapter 5 to address new requirements for window header construction and, most importantly, horizontal and vertical joint and seam locations.

New Joint and Seam Requirements

Since the establishment of NFPA 285 as a test method in 1998, hundreds of various wall assemblies have been tested with no specific guidance regarding horizontal and vertical joint and seam placement. Consequently, many of these tests may not have been performed with joints or seams in the newly defined locations. Thus, with the publishing of the new NFPA 285 standard, many existing tests may no longer meet the requirements due to the new joint and seam requirements, and new tests may need to be run on those particular wall assemblies.

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