By The Numbers

September 6, 2021   -  

What Makes NGC Testing Services Special?

Here are a few numbers that tell the story of our testing facility:

  • 150,000 lb. floor-ceiling furnace combined live load capacity
  • 110,000 lb. axial load capacity in-wall furnace
  • 53,000-plus square feet
  • 10,000-plus acoustical tests conducted
  • 9,000-plus flame spread tests conducted
  • 3,500-plus endurance fire tests conducted
  • 1,000 approximate number of our worldwide clients
  • 295 combined thermocouple capacity for fire tests
  • 180-plus years of combined direct testing experience of key technical staff
  • 54-plus years of testing
  • 50-plus prebuilt movable acoustical floor-ceiling IIC, STC test assemblies
  • 30-ton overhead crane
  • 28 clear interior height (ft.)
  • 12-ton overhead crane
  • 12-ton overhead trolley system
  • 9 acoustical test chambers
  • 8 fire test furnaces and apparatuses
  • 7 structural/physical test apparatuses
  • 5 large shipping / receiving overhead door entries
  • 4 fire floor-ceiling test frames
  • 3 fire-wall test frames
  • 2 visitor office work areas
  • 1 single testing facility providing all your fire, acoustical, structural/physical testing needsNCG Testing Contact Us CTA_v1

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NGC Testing Services features one of North America's most comprehensive and unique fully accredited testing facilities. Contact us today to visit our 50,000-plus-square-foot facility located in Buffalo, New York.